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DAFNA Capital Management, LLC, a Los Angeles based SEC registered investment advisor, specializes in managing long/short portfolios of predominantly publicly traded biotechnology and medical device companies.


Founded in 1999, for over 25 years we have funded the future of medicine and prudently managed the wealth entrusted with us by our investors.


DAFNA Capital Management’s principal mission is capital preservation and strong annualized return over longer time periods with minimum risk. Investment returns are generated as a product of recognizing our responsibility to improve human health through the efficient allocation of capital to the most promising preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic interventions.


We take pride in having built a business with

Long Standing Track Record - Significant alpha generated without leverage and with high liquidity

Alignment of Interests DAFNA’s management team has the majority of their wealth invested alongside investors

Focused Expertise - Extensive scientific and financial expertise in the life science industry

Solid Operations SEC registered since 2003, reputable top-tier auditor and other service providers




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