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Thank you for your interest in our firm. DAFNA Capital Management, LLC has been registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission since 2003. We are qualified as a QPAM (Qualified Professional Asset Manager) and our funds may only accept Accredited Investors and Qualified Purchasers.


Limited Partners of the DAFNA funds include Pension Funds, Fund of Hedge Funds, Family Offices, Investment Professionals, and High Net Worth Individuals. Onshore and Offshore feeder funds are available to access the DAFNA funds.


Institutions: Our performance record is available on several of the hedge fund databases including Bloomberg, Morningstar, and Thomson Reuters. Please contact us at or 310.954.3200 to receive additional quantitative and qualitative information.


Individuals: Investors are required to be accredited and qualified, as defined by the SEC. In order to receive additional information on our funds, please complete and sign this form, and email it to as part of the verification of your status as an accredited and qualified investor. Please contact us if you have any questions.


DAFNA Capital Management LLC  |  10990 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1400  |  Los Angeles, CA 90024  |  Contact Us  |  p: 310.954.3200

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