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The majority of the DAFNA Team has worked together for over a decade. We pride ourselves on Steadfast Integrity, Intellectual Excellence, Responsiveness and Reliability, and a Dedication to Constant Improvement. We value quality over quantity.

Michelle Belson

Office Manager & Executive Assistant

Prior to joining the firm in June 2018, Michelle was an office manager and executive assistant at Ubatuba Acai in Los Angeles for 4 years, an executive assistant and human resources analyst at ESPN, Sao Paulo, Brazil for 4 years, and worked for 5 years in Japan in manufacturing as a ‘dekasegi’. She earned her B.S. in Executive Assistance from University of Technology in Sao Paulo, graduated with a Master’s Degree in Human Resources from Business School of Sao Paulo and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from International American University in Los Angeles. In addition to English, Ms. Belson speaks fluent Portuguese and Spanish, and is conversational in Japanese and French.

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